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Please visit our Forms Page to download the sign up forms.  Please keep a copy of all forms for your records.  All tribal employees wishing to use the payroll deduction option must include a signed payroll form for your division.  

Not sure what a TSA is?  Read on . . .

Tribally Supported Agriculture was inspired by the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) concept, which has been in practice for the last 20 years. In a CSA, people buy a share of food from the farm before the growing season starts which provides money for the farmers to buy seeds and other supplies needed to start the season. People share in the risk of farming while supporting their local community and land. In return, they receive an entire box of fresh produce every week throughout the growing season. A TSA is a little different because we offer more support as you begin your journey of healthy living. A share typically feeds a family of 4 and we provide opportunities to get the whole family involved. We also follow traditional Meskwaki practices in the garden and rely on the long history of Native peoples working together as a guide and inspiration for our farm.

Why buy a TSA?

improve health & energy
make a commitment to your own health and stamina by having a consistent supply of fresh vegetables & herbs

build community
Your support creates positive futures for your children by investing in local jobs and a diverse clean environment

connect & learn
Take advantage of volunteer days and workshops, meet like minded knowledge thirsty groups and reconnect with gardening, traditional foods & practices, and try new things.

What is in a TSA?

Check out our Crop List & Harvest Schedule

TSA Share Sizes and Options

Full Share
15 weeks of fresh produce starting in mid to late June and going through mid October.  Just the right size to start eating healthier.  Contains four to seven different herbs and vegetables worth $20 each week.  Can feed 1 to 3 people each week depending on how many vegetables you normally consume.  No shares the second week in August.  Come join us for the Annual Meskwaki Pow-Wow!

Veggie Lovers "Super Fan" Share
Save an additional 10%.  A double dose of weekly veggies.  Twice as much of each item each week starting mid to late June and 
going through mid October.    Fresh veggies last longer than store bought when properly stored since you are buying local, your veggies don't have far to travel after harvest.  In most cases, we harvest the day before and the day of TSA delivery day.

Please download the Sign Up Form for current pricing.

Tribally Supported Agriculture

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