Our Produce

At Red Earth Gardens, we work to bring you quality vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers through a unique combination of indigenous land use ethics and cutting-edge best practices and tools in no-till market farming production methods


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Soil Health Practices

No-till production leads to healthy, well-structured soils full of living organisms that make nutrients in the soil available to the plants we grow for consumption. Precision soil tests and organic amendments, including our own farm-produced composts, return nutrients to the soil in the proper ratios, which balances the soils minerals and improves structure and organic matter while maintaining an optimal environment for the soil food web to thrive. Healthier soils leads to healthier produce, which leads to a healthier you!


Agro-ecology Practices

As part of our beyond organic approaches to production, we utilize practices that apply principles of ecology to the agricultural context. By planting windbreaks, cover crops, native prairie strips, and pollinator and wildlife habitats, we create partnerships with nature for a beautiful, balanced farm environment that requires far less external inputs and spraying to manage pests and diseases.